Our Heroes: What Are They Up To? IATP Food and Community Fellows

When the 2011 – 2013 class of IATP Food and Community Fellows was chosen, we ran an “Our Heroes” post about them with high hopes that would be stirring up the food justice movement during their two-year stint. In case you missed it, the Fellows are a diverse group of 14 good food advocates, chosen from a pool of almost 600 applicants, working all around the country for a better food future. In this new video project from IATP, Food Justice From The Ground Up, we hear from each of them. The videos were directed and produced by IATP Food and Community Fellow and award winning filmmaker, educator and advocate, Shalini Kantayya.

A just and healthy food system isn’t going to manifest out of the halls of Congress. The food justice movement needs support up and down the food chain—farmers, grocers, farm workers, writers, activists, parents, children, eaters. Stories are some of the most powerful tools that we have to create this change. Our stories add to the groundswell that goes beyond federal farm policy or the usual “vote with your dollar” mantra.

Don Bustos, Traditional Farmer – New Mexico. Don trains people to use the land and water wisely. And he is the man to do so, having raised food on land that gets only six inches of rain a year.

Haile Johnston, Social Entrepreneur – Pennsylvania. Haile is creating food access solutions making good food available and affordable by connecting local farmers and the urban marketplace.

Kimberly Seals Allers, Breastfeeding Warrior – New York. Kimberly is working to ensure that all infants have access to the first food, breast milk, especially babies in vulnerable communities.

Kandace Vallejo, Youth Organizer –Texas. Kandace is using the land at her center working with children of low wage Latino workers teaching them gardening.

Watch them all:

Brahm Ahmadi, Social Entrepreneur

Cheryl Danley, Food and Resource Economist

Jenga Mwendo, New Orleans Community Organizer

Kelvin Graddick, Young Farmer

Rebecca Wiggins-Reinhard, Youth Food Activist

Raj Patel, Writer and Activist

Jane Black, Food Writer

Nina Kahori Fallenbaum, Writer and Policy Expert

Valerie Segrest, Native Foods Educator

Malik Yakini, Detroit Food Justice Activist