Global Alliance for the Future of Food Plants Seeds for Collaboration with New Compendium

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a collaboration of philanthropic foundations that work together to leverage resources and knowledge, develop frame-works and pathways to change, and push the agenda for more sustainable food and agriculture systems globally. The Global Alliance firmly believes in the urgency surrounding improving global agricultural systems, and in turn effecting positive community change from the ground up.

What is Seeds of Resilience?

The Alliance recently launched a new report, The Future of Food: Seeds of Resilience, which is a compendium of perspectives on global agricultural biodiversity. Robust seed systems are the foundation of sustainable and equitable food systems. When it comes to fostering a healthy seed system, there are a variety of perspectives both globally and within individual regions; this report seeks to unify the diversity of perspectives to foster collaboration and share knowledge.

Looking Forward: The Impact of the Compendium

When asked what the Alliance's hope for the impact of this report will be, Lauren Baker, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Programs, said: "We hope that people increasingly recognize the importance of seed systems and the work of local farmers, and that this report serves as a catalyst for conversations surrounding seed growth."

Lauren further emphasizes that indigenous people, women and farmers must be an important part of this dialogue. Lauren adds, "People who are engaged in this work need to participate in the policy-making process. When you are able to engage people in conversation you can progress in an accelerated way." Improving agricultural biodiversity demands action at the local, regional, national and international levels in order to be most successful.

The contributors of the report underscore that this is only the beginning of the conversation surrounding these critical issues; the Alliance hopes to engage with many more communities and perspectives in order to work together towards achieving a more sustainable food future.