On the Road with Jack Johnson and the Eat Well Guide

Outdoor concerts and summertime go together. Imagine the scene – the band is loud, the weather is hot, there are throngs of people dancing, singing and sweating. Down around your feet is a sea of plastic bottles and trash. Indoor venues can be just as dirty. With approximately 80,000 people attending an outdoor festival like Bonnaroo, or 20,000 people packed into an arena like New York’s Madison Square Garden, you start to see how Americans can go through almost 30 billion plastic bottles ever year. But more and more artists are getting involved in helping to curb the waste. With help from groups like Reverb, which boasts of greening 91 tours to date, musicians are changing the way they tour and asking their fans to get involved, too.

Jack Johnson’s 2010 tour, To the Sea, kicks off in the US today in Hartford, Connecticut, and will be one of the most environmentally-friendly large tours this year. Johnson is serious about sustainable business on tour, in his studio and for his fans. Not only is he donating 100 percent of his tour profits to organizations focused on sustainability, he also tours in a biodiesel bus, eats local food, has eliminated all single use water bottles and uses sustainable materials for his tour merchandise. His office and studio are 100 percent powered by solar panels. And for his fans, he has created All At Once, a social networking site for fans with the tagline – “an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change.”

This year, in addition to his plastic-free initiative, Johnson is focused on sustainable food options, which is where Eat Well comes in. The Eat Well Guide has partnered with Jack Johnson to help his dedicated fans find yummy sustainable food while on the road through the Jack Johnson Tour map, which plots all of the shows in 35 cities and offers a Guide to Good Food for each one.

In addition to the downloadable PDF Guides to Good Food, fans can use Eat Well Everywhere to find good food all along their route to a good time. To get everyone involved, we are also asking fans to suggest new listings for the Eat Well Guide, helping us get the word out about stores, restaurants, farmers markets and more great souces for good food wherever they roam.

If you don’t know much about Jack Johnson, or if you want to know more, check out this great interview with him in the June issue of Outside Magazine. It gives some interesting insight into his life, explains the picture on the cover of his album (his father building a driftwood wave sculpture), solves the mystery of where all of that hair came from (he stopped giving himself haircuts), and tells why he is now singing about the sea. If you see one of his shows during this tour, I hope you also learn that he is dedicated to the planet and wants you to be too. An individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change? Let’s find out.