Tell the Poultry Industry That Workers Deserve Bathroom Breaks!

Photo: Earl Dotter/Oxfam America

Chicken is the most popular meat in the US, and the nation's poultry industry is booming, yielding huge profits for the corporations that dominate the market. However, workers in poultry processing facilities are treated terribly, earning low wages, suffering high rates of injury and enduring unfair, unsafe working conditions.

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A recent report by Oxfam revealed that workers in poultry processing plants are routinely denied bathroom breaks, causing pain, discomfort and a needless blow to their dignity. As a result, some workers resort to wearing diapers, or relieving themselves in their pants while on the line.

Join Oxfam in taking action! As part of its ongoing campaign to improve working conditions in the poultry industry, Oxfam is calling the public to urge the top four companies (Tyson Foods, Pilgrim's, Perdue and Sanderson Farms) to provide fair, safe conditions for US poultry workers.

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