Fighting Food Waste With a Feast: Feeding the 5000 Comes to NYC

On Tuesday May 10, thousands of New Yorkers will feast on food that would have ordinarily ended up in a landfill. Together with Feedback, The Rockefeller Foundation, City Harvest, NRDC, Sustainable America, GrowNYC and other partners, GRACE is proud to cohost Feeding the 5000 NYC, an event designed to raise public awareness about food waste by serving 5,000 free meals made from fresh, top-quality ingredients that would otherwise have gone uneaten.

Prior to the event, organizers will rescue food from the Hunts Point Produce Market and Baldor, and will partner with Salvation Farms to glean unharvested produce. Chefs at Great Performances Catering and Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen will then use these ingredients to prepare lunch for 5,000 event attendees in Union Square, and will provide an additional 5,000 meals to City Harvest's network of soup kitchens and food pantries throughout New York. The event will also feature cooking demonstrations by chefs including Jason Weiner (Almond), Evan Hanczor (Egg) and Liz Neumark (Great Performances), offering tips on food waste reduction in the home kitchen.

Feeding the 5000 events have been held in cities throughout the world, casting much-needed attention on the global food waste scandal, highlighting the organizations and institutions working to address the issue and garnering public support for solutions to the problem. Feeding the 5000 NYC is sure to be an incredible spectacle - and a delicious way of keeping thousands of meals out the trash.


Feeding the 5000 NYC Event Information:

Tuesday May 10, 2016

11 AM - 4 PM

Union Square, New York City


Find additional details about Feeding the 5000 NYC on Feedback's website, including information about volunteering at the event. And if you aren't able to make it to New York on Tuesday, catch Feeding the 5000 DC on May 18 in Washington DC, or join the movement by taking Feedback's Food Waste Pledge!