Tell Walmart to Reject New GMO Sweet Corn

This growing season there’s a new GMO in town: Monsanto’s GE sweet corn. This Roundup Ready product is the first GE corn for direct human consumption, and it has not been tested by the USDA and will not be labeled.  If you're unhappy about this, you're not alone. The majority of consumers don’t want to eat genetically modified foods, and 95 percent feel strongly that they should be labeled.  Many retailers, including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and General Mills, have already agreed to not use GE Sweet Corn in any of their products—but Walmart, the country’s largest grocer and self-proclaimed sustainability adherent, has yet to make such a promise.

In a campaign reminiscent of the Starbucks rBGH campaign, (which ultimately culminated not only in a pledge by the java giant not to sell dairy from cows treated with rBGH, but also created a domino effect, causing most large retailers to make the same agreement), Food & Water Watch has initiated a national campaign to pressure Walmart to do the right thing and to live up to their sustainability claims. Just last week, Walmart launched a brand new website called The Green Room to exhibit their green credentials. Over the past couple of years they've run public relations campaigns touting their support of local farming, healthier eating and providing oases in food deserts.

Walmart sells $129 billion worth of food (taking a whopping 25% of grocery sales throughout the US, and much more in some areas) each year, making it the most powerful food retailer in the world. If Walmart agreed to not stock GE sweet corn, it is highly likely that other retailers would follow their lead. It would also relieve farmers of the economic pressure to plant the biotech seeds.

If you're in the know about GMOs, you know there’s a lot we don’t know—and a lot to be wary of.  We don’t know the long term effects of GMOs on humans and a new study suggests there is reason to worry. The potential environmental risks are many, including the rise of superweedsand resistant pests, the threat to biodiversity and the inevitability of crop contamination.  There are also the ethical and economic concerns associated with patenting of living organisms and the ownership of our food supply by corporations like Monsanto.

Since last fall, Food & Water Watch and their partners at the Center for Environmental Health, Center for Food Safety, CREDO Action and Food Democracy Now! have been asking consumers to sign a petition saying that they would refuse to buy GE sweet corn and are asking retailers and food processors not to sell it. As of now, that petition has over a quarter million signatures.  Walmart is powerful, but consumers hold the ultimate power: all great social change starts from the bottom. Join the movement today.

To learn more about the health, environmental and ethical implications of GE technology, read Food & Water Watch’s outstanding report, Genetically Engineered Food: An Overview.

Responses to "Tell Walmart to Reject New GMO Sweet Corn"
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  1. Debbra DeMarco

    Made my call to both the U.S. customer service line and the Canadian customer service line for WalMart. I don’t want to see this or any other UNLABELED or LABELED GE corn product anywhere! Even China stopped their initiative to go ahead with GE corn. There are too many unknowns. Let’s just go with corn, regular old corn. Why fix what ain’t broken? And I don’t want to hear stories from huge commercial producers about feeding the poor in Africa with this stuff, because they are my brothers and sisters and I don’t want them eating it either. Its bad enough that almost every package we buy our food in is coated in that useless toxic BPA and no one labels it. Take action!

  2. deb

    NO GMO!

  3. Peter

    Walmart, You have been taking great steps in the sustainable corporate responsibility. This would be a giant step backwards. It appears that the right correct hand, is not communicating with the left. It would seem with all your current PR challenges this is not a positive marketing strategy. What R U thinking

  4. MIKE


  5. Dani

    Say no to GMO and yes to organic only

  6. Debra

    I will no longer shop at a store that carries un-natural grown foods who knows what is going into our bodies now a days...

  7. Alisha LeBlanc

    I love being able to go to Walmart and purchase organic produce and products. That is the main reason I shop there for groceries. If they carry more gm foods, I will shop there less often or not at all.

  8. Zachary Nelms

    I for one will not be supporting any grocery stores that the sell the GMO Sweet Corn. I am also a professional health care provider and will be urging all of my patients to do the same.

  9. Guneeta Singh

    We need to know what we are eating. It should be the people’s choice whether or not they want to eat genetically modified food. Please don’t make that decision for me!

  10. Sharon

    I tried to sign your petition; the form would not allow my postal code. I live in Canada and don

  11. David S. Bunin

    We, as human beings and American citizens, have the right to know what we are eating. Why has Monsanto lobbied so hard for the ’right’ to sell their gmo processed corn and yes, genetically modifying a natural vegatable is a significant form of processing without labelling? because they know that the American public doesn’t want to buy or consume this unnatural, untested and potentially harmful ’food’. Where is the FDA on this vitally important issue? Why is Monsanto being permitted to get away with perpetrating this unprecedented massive chicanery on the American public?

  12. Joshua Whitley

    No GMO’s without labels - people need to know what they’re eating.

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