On World Water Day, We Unveiled the First US Spanish-Language Water Footprint Calculator

Today, in honor of World Water Day, GRACE unveiled our newest water conservation tool at the White House Water Summit - a Spanish-language version of our Water Footprint Calculator.

This Water Footprint Calculator is the first and only water footprint calculator dedicated to Spanish-speaking communities here in the US. The calculator expands on our efforts of inclusion and increases our ability to help more people - especially those from traditionally underserved communities - track and ultimately reduce the amount of water they use every day.

This Water Footprint Calculator is the first and only calculator dedicated to Spanish-speaking communities here in the US.

Both calculators (the English version can be found here) illustrate how simple, everyday actions - from washing dishes to watering the lawn to buying groceries - can impact water use. Through a series of simple questions about your daily routine, these fun and engaging calculators account for not only the water you use from the tap, but also the water it takes to produce the food you eat, the energy you use and the products you buy. The calculators also provide more than 100 tips for shrinking our water footprint so that you can join the effort to save our water.

Hundreds of thousands of people have used the calculator to reduce their water footprint and we hope you will too!  

We are excited to participate in the White House Water Summit, the first water-focused event of its kind. It's such an honor to be among a select group of organizations from across the country raising awareness about the challenges and possible solutions for the future of water in the United States. We're also extremely proud of this new tool that will help shake up the water discussion and help us build a more sustainable and secure water future.  

Rather than take water for granted, everyone should understand that even small changes can have a big impact on their water footprint. The Water Footprint Calculator can help you and your family be better water stewards and help create a more sustainable water future.

Special thanks to AFC+A and their Americas Latino Eco Festival (ALEF) for their translation services and help in spreading the Water Footprint Calculator to its extensive network of partners who work with diverse communities throughout the Americas.

Watch a video recording of the White House Water Summit. The White House invited people to participate on social media using the hashtag #WHWaterSummit.

Discover the commitments to sustainable water action made by GRACE and all the other 150-plus groups involved in the Summit.