A Call for Action: Connecting the Dots for Climate Change

At Ecocentric, we love to connect the dots between food, water and energy (see here and here).

So when we learned about 350.org’s Connect the Dots project – which will kick off on 5/5/12 with Climate Impacts Day – we got excited.

The goal of the project is “to shine a spotlight on the connections between extreme weather and climate change.” 350.org and its partner organizations will use these connections to issue a wake-up call for communities, media and elected officials across the nation and around the world.

On May 5, thousands of communities will join together and call for urgent action to stop the climate crisis in its tracks. “Across the planet now we see ever more flood, ever more drought, ever more storms,” says Bill McKibben, well known environmental author/activist and founder of 350.org. “People are dying, communities are being wrecked — the impacts we're already witnessing from climate change are unlike anything we have seen before.”

As the Connect the Dots site explains, it is becoming “increasingly clear that climate change is not a future problem – it’s happening right now.”

Also becoming clearer is the inextricable connections among climate, food, water and energy. In a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague stated these now famous words about the food-water-energy-climate nexus:

You cannot have food, water or energy security without climate security. They are interconnected and inseparable. They form four resource pillars on which global security, prosperity and equity stand. Each depends on the others. Plentiful, affordable food requires reliable and affordable access to water and energy. Increasing dependence on coal, oil and gas threatens climate security, increasing the severity of floods and droughts, damaging food production, exacerbating the loss of biodiversity and, in countries that rely on hydropower, undermining energy security through the impact on water availability. As the world becomes more networked, the impacts of climate change in one country or region will affect the prosperity and security of others around the world.

Secretary Hague’s powerful statement drives home the importance of the global call for action that is Climate Impacts Day.

Ecocentric will be contributing to this historic event and we encourage you to join, too.