Learn How Ag Gag Laws Allow Factory Farms to Hide the Truth

Industrial meat, egg and dairy companies don't want people to see inside factory farms. These companies know that consumers would be appalled by the crowded, stressful, filthy conditions in which animals are raised, and they fear that the abuses that occur regularly on many factory farms would be exposed.

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Rather than improve conditions within industrial livestock facilities, agribusiness interests have successfully lobbied to enact "ag gag" laws in several states, which are designed to prevent whistleblowers from documenting and exposing inhumane practices, animal abuse, health and safety violations, and other wrongdoings on factory farms.

As part of our ongoing Meatrix action campaign, we've joined the Food Integrity Campaign in educating our audience about ag gag legislation. A program of the Government Accountability Project, the nation's leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization, the Food Integrity Campaign is dedicated to protecting those who speak out against factory farm abuses, and to fighting ag gag legislation designed to keep the public in the dark.

Learn more about ag gag laws and the efforts to oppose them at the Food Integrity Campaign website.