Water Blogs We Love

Widespread drought in the Western US - particularly in hard-hit California - has topped news headlines and made water a major national issue. Despite more recent interest, the fact is that water has always been central to our lives and critical to the success and health of our economy, ecosystems and local communities.

But don't take our word for it! Here are our top picks for the best blogs, news outlets and thinkers that keep you informed about the wild, wonderful world of water:

Water Protection

The Healing Our Waters - Great Lakes Coalition
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Stay informed about the world's greatest freshwater lake system with The Healing Our Waters -Great Lakes Coalition.

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The blog of Oceana, one of the world's foremost organizations solely focused on protecting and restoring the health of ocean waters and the amazing aquatic life it encompasses.

The River Blog
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The river and waterway conservation organization, American Rivers, uses this blog to cover many topics that surround water protection and to help stop pollution at its source.

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A great way to find out what the Waterkeeper Alliance - an international coalition of water champions and the "Voice of the Water" - is doing to keep water clean.

Water - Use It Wisely
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The blog for the Water - Use it Wisely program, which started in Arizona, helps people everywhere better understand and conserve water with many tricks and tips.

News and Analysis

Circle of Blue
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A top-notch news organization dedicated to coverage of the global water challenges and the nexus of issues in which water is embedded.

J Fleck at Inkstain
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Few know the western water landscape like former Albuquerque Journal science writer and current UNM scholar, John Fleck, so it's best to follow his lead.

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This investigative nonprofit news outlet has covered the Killing of the Colorado, fracking's threat to groundwater and the problem with groundwater disposal wells and is led by intrepid journalist, Abram Lustgarten (@AbrahmL).

Yale Environment 360
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An online publication of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, the blog posts cutting edge news, research and opinion on water and a plethora of other environmental topics.

Water Currents
A comprehensive look at global water concerns through National Geographic's Freshwater initiative, headed up by water expert (and GRACE friend), Sandra Postel.

Water Deeply
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A new blog and news aggregator about California's deep and complicated issues with water.

Science and Policy

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Water economist, David Zetland, gives you a glimpse into water policy, pricing, market-based solutions and more.

International Water Law Project Blog
For the legally minded (I know you're out there), here's your fix of international and transboundary water law and policy, replete with legal experts and good discussion.

Pacific Institute Insights
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Insights is the official blog of the Pacific Institute, the world-leading, nonprofit research group that focuses on water and natural resource-use sustainability. Many posts are authored by their president and MacArthur Grant recipient, Dr. Peter Gleick (@PeterGleick).

Water Matters
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The blog of The Water Center at Columbia University's Earth Institute, Water Matters presents the latest research on water issues in the US and beyond, with a special emphasis on international development efforts.

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A blog intended for hydrologists, aspiring hydrologists and those that love water (especially the oft-forgotten groundwater) -- check out what hydrogeologist, professor and hydrophilanthropist, Michael "Aquadoc" Campana, has to say.

Image "Perfect Day at Ruby Lake on the Sunshine Coast" by keepitsurreal (see here) on Flickr used under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.