Freeing the Grid: Foundations for the New Energy Economy

We've followed the renewable energy policies that let you spin your electric meter backwards at Ecocentric. They are state level rules called ‘Net Metering Rules' and ‘Interconnection Procedures' that let you connect clean energy, like wind and solar, to the grid and get credit for the energy that is produced. In a new video produced by Brainvise for the Vote Solar Initiative, the policies are explained in a simple, engaging manner through sharp animation. It’s a quick introduction outlining how each state has the power to unleash a local clean energy economy.

Net metering has been in the headlines in California as state regulators voted unanimouslyto expand the policy, effectively doubling the opportunity for net metering in the state known for solar energy. Other states are implementing the best practices in net metering and interconnection too as we document in our report, Freeing the Grid.

Without net metering and interconnection rules in place, it would be difficult, if not impossible to use clean energy at home. These policies help to promote individual energy independence and provide an opportunity to reduce emissions while reducing your energy bill. Check out the video above and let us know what you think below.