Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Spring Roundup

For those of us lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) enough to experience four seasons every year, spring is perhaps the most welcome, for the warmer temperatures, cute baby animals and expanded culinary options it brings.

Spring produce may not be the sexiest; juicy fruits like tomatoes, peaches and watermelons are still down the road, but after months of chilly farmers’ market visits yielding only beets, potatoes, apples and squash, just about any novelty is a blessing.

Luckily, spring has novelty to spare.

Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite springtime Real Food posts – refresh your knowledge and check out the Real Food recipes that highlight their special, spring-y flavors.

The Usual Suspects

After a long winter, anything bright green and not cruciferous seems pretty special, even these garden-variety spring vegetables:





The Rock Stars

But a few spring specialties have such short growing seasons and special flavors that they create a fervor of interest – at least among local food super fans.


Fiddle heads 




The Sweetest

This one keeps for years, but arrives only once things warm up just enough to get the maple sap running.

Maple syrup 

The Tart

A little later in spring, but really, the first fruit of the year, unless you count last year’s apples, which are definitely not a spring fruit.


The Beginning

And lastly – it’s not a spring food per se, but the incredible, edible egg is a symbol of the season in many cultures. But they are not all created equal – we’ve broken down the confusing jumble of egg labels to help you navigate a crowded marketplace.


*It seems fitting that asparagus was our inaugural Real Food Right Now, back in 2012. Since then, we've covered well over 100 Real Foods, and each quarter, when the team meets to lay out the upcoming months' schedule, I am sure we have run out of foods to cover, but every time, we come out with another exciting lineup. This spring will be no different; we hope you'll follow along!