This Week in Eco News - July 11, 2014


Outdoor lawn watering - photo by Kai Olson-Sawyer

It’s a Midsummer Night’s Break for our Eco News team. We’ll be back with our usual food, water and energy news briefs roundup next Friday. In the meantime, here are a readers’ treasury of the most popular posts on Ecocentric so far in 2014 - and a friendly reminder to mind your outdoor water use during the height of summer. See you next week!

TEDxManhattan Heroes: Sunny Young
“It is clear that now is the time for widespread change - the way we eat is literally killing us… our communities are suffering from extreme poverty, lack of access to good food, and shortage of jobs. Programs like Good Food for Oxford Schools aim to help alleviate these ailments one step at a time.” Hear from Sunny Young, director of EduFood Consulting. See her TEDXManhattan talk here

Fighting Food Waste with Your Phone
An estimated 40 percent of food is wasted in the US every year, costly for consumers who toss thousands of dollars away, as well as our environment. Here's the good news: with a little help from your mobile devices, you can cut waste and spending using handy food waste apps.

Farmed and Dangerous: Episode 1, Oiling the Food Chain 
If you're interested in a funny, accessible onramp to Big Ag 101, the Farmed and Dangerous web series (sponsored by Chipotle) is worth a watch. Here's our recap, complete with some Fun Tidbits and our favorite Buck Marshall moments from Episode 1. (So what's with the Man in Black?)

A Day in the Life of a FoodCorps Member: Kids Make Kale Cool 
“The fact that we devote the vast majority of our land to agriculture but remain unable to feed our local communities fresh, healthy food is a paradox - one that we must take steps to solving through direct action and service. As a FoodCorps service member, I feel equipped with the resources, connections and support to make a difference, and I have a blast doing it.” FoodCorps service member Chelsea Krist reflects on her year of service and inspires others to join the program!

Years of Living Dangerously Recap: Episode 2, The End of the Woods 
The Governator tours the fire line and Harrison Ford continues his Indonesian palm oil tour in the second episode of the series, "The End of the Woods." The bigger story behind the two icons: teams of firefighters, scientists and activists protecting the forests and wildlife in the path of climate change.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Millet
Millet -- it's not just for birds! How did this ancient crop become synonymous with birdseed in the United States? And how did a plant once revered by the Chinese fall into obscurity? Thanks to millet's resistance to drought in an era of shifting climate, it's a grain to be rediscovered.

Our Heroes: Krissy Kasserman of Youghiogheny Riverkeeper 
Among our featured keepers in our Know Your Waterkeeper series is Krissy Kasserman of Youghiogheny Riverkeeper. Here, Kasserman talks about growing up in the Appalachians, the impacts of fracking in Marcellus Shale country and the 12-foot suit of armor she saw on the river bank.

Farmed and Dangerous: Episode 2, Passing the Buck 
Chip's viral exploding-cow video earns him a seat on The Morning Show, so Buck Marshall sends his daughter Sophia to stand up for Animoil. Chip tries to rally the public to request Senate hearings on PetroPellet safety - will he succeed? Here's our recap of Farmed and Dangerous: Episode 2.

Our New 9-Tip Guide to Food, Water and Energy at Home 
"Meet the Nexus: How Food, Water and Energy are Connected" is our new guide that shows how making even one good decision about how you use food, water or energy resources can have a positive impact on the others. Even the simple cheese slice you might have had for lunch has a rich story to tell!

TEDxManhattan Heroes: David Binkle 
“With 80% of district students living in circumstances of poverty, nutrition education is the key component to teaching the importance of the prevention of disease and the reduction of childhood obesity through nutrition and physical fitness.” TEDX Manhattan speaker David Binkle talked about his experience as the Director of Food Services for the Los Angeles Unified School District.