Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: A Spring Celebration!

Ah, springtime! Perhaps you’ve noticed a new pep in your step in absence of weighty winter layers (finally!) as, true to its name, the season fills us with energy. With green literally springing from the soil, we indulge in longer days, soothing sights, and the sounds of happy birds chirping in our ears. And then there’s the food. In addition to the spring holidays now upon us, just heading out for a picnic, propping open the grill or gathering around family are events made by a good meal. That’s something we can all get a little springy about!

As a season marked by new beginnings, spring offers something else to indulge: invigoration. If there are goals on your home to-do list, say, cleaning out your kitchen or eating more sustainably, a season pumping you full of energy may just be the easiest time to get started. Amidst the fresh platefuls of food headed your way, we suggest taking advantage of that natural spring invigoration to buff up your seasonal, sustainable food habits for the year ahead. 

Check out these links to some of our favorite in-season foods from our Real Food Right Now series, along with sustainable eating tips and insights. See why going sustainable in spring means so much.

Buying Sustainable Foods and Flowers

Eat Well Guide
It’s time to crawl out of hibernation and hunt around for the nearest, tastiest in-season foods. Eat Well Guide, a curated database of over 25,000 listings of farms, restaurants, stores and more carrying local, sustainable foods, can help you locate farmers markets and other great sources of food and information. Ask your local farmer what’s in season and what to expect in the next few weeks!

Not All Eggs Are Created Equal
Be honest, do you know what all those labels mean when you pick out eggs at the super market? While buying eggs directly from your local farmer lets you ask questions or even visit the hens responsible for making breakfast so yummy, trusting labels at the grocery can be tricky. Here’s a guide to help you sort things out during one of the busiest egg seasons of the year.

Where’s the Love Hershey? On Chocolate and Labor
No doubt I’ll be tempted by the Easter candy in every grocery and convenience store in upcoming weeks, but thanks to this post I know I need to learn more about the production of the irresistible treats I’m eating. Buying sustainably in spring includes feasting on sustainable chocolate, and finding what’s really in those wrappers.

12 Reasons to Avoid Conventional Flowers This Mother’s Day
Let’s just sum this up in two words: more pesticides. Because flowers aren’t edible, growers are allowed to use high levels of chemicals to keep flowers perfect for mom – but is environmental devastation and damages to workers’ health really what she wants for Mother’s Day? You have a few weeks to decide.

Cooking and Eating Sustainable Foods

Spring Foods and How to Cook Them
Once you find out what’s in season in your area, our Real Food Right Now posts can suggest tons of ways to add those seasonal ingredients to your spread. From ramps and rhubarb to iconic spring eats, like eggs, explore foods you can find fresh and discover endless ways to cook them! I will be trying my hand at this strawberry and rhubarb pie soon, which is one of several recipes featured alongside our spring posts. This handy list of snack recipes will also do wonders for quick and easy sustainable entertaining and party planning.

Cooking and Eating Tips: Avoiding Food Waste 
We all do it. Even though food shouldn’t end up in the garbage, about 40 percent of the food produced in the US goes straight to landfills. Here are some little-known facts that will inspire you to cut back on food waste before and after your meals, and 5 easy ways to do so. With all the seasonal gatherings and outings making these some hectic, fun days and weeks, it’s hard to find time for tracking waste – so try using a mobile app to make things a lot easier.

Spring is here at last, and all we have to do is harness the energy of the season, revving up for the rest of the year by enjoying and sharing plenty of delicious local, sustainable foods along the way.

What are some of your spring favorites? Be sure to check our Real Food Right Now spring posts for inspiration and remember if these goodies aren’t in your farmers’ markets yet, they’re coming – soon.