A Letter from Water to Energy and Food: A Love Triangle for the Ages

Dear Food and Energy,

It's time I came clean to both of you.

First of all Energy, it's true that I need your help getting around, but I really think it would be better for both of us if you learned to live a little more independently, without me by your side all the time. There's only so much of me to go around, and sometimes I just feel like you take advantage of my nature. You need me so much that you drain my reserves. You know I like to go with the flow, I really hate how controlling you can be. (I mean, do you think injecting me underground so you can frack for natural gas makes for a healthy relationship?)

And you, Food. I know you need me too but let's face it, our relationship can be rocky. Sometimes you take total advantage of me, just like Energy does. I wish you wouldn’t use so many chemicals. They make me feel so dirty. Sometimes you contain me and make me go places that are far from home and I don't necessarily want to go to those places with you.

I know, I get testy and then I just evaporate and it seems like I'm nowhere to be found. I try not to disappear on you but sometimes you leave me no choice.

Back in the day, Food and Energy, we were a happy threesome. Over time, though, you both started demanding my presence in the weirdest of places, and, let's face it, you both have grown ridiculously dependent on me over the years and now it seems like we’ve lost our flow.

I think I need some time to think about things with both of you. I need you to be more thoughtful – I'm tired of being used. You two should know that you aren't the only ones vying for my attention. There are others that are interested and they have houses and businesses that they bring to the table.

Let's work on trying finding a balance, okay?