A Letter from Food to Water: A Love Triangle for the Ages

Water, my sweet,

Whatever delicious form I'm in – whether chocolate, chive or even chicken cutlet – my physical body is mainly composed of you.

I know you think Energy and I have gotten too close. In the beginning, our ménage à trois was so natural, so fulfilling. I needed you both. You, in the form of thirst-quenching rain, and energy in the form of sunlight. I grew so much. But eventually, I wanted more. I wanted year-round growth in hothouses, and bigger yields harvested by ever-larger machinery. I wanted to be processed and spread out around the globe, and I couldn't do it without more from Energy.

You probably have heard rumors about me and Energy running off to the Amazon to clear trees and grow palm oil and I know it sounds crazy, but a lot of people still think corn ethanol is a viable source of renewable energy. But I know that’s not fair to you. Of course all that nitrogen runoff leaves you feeling dead inside. It’s just so tempting when looking for renewable fuel options, to think we can grow it, even if people are doing so in soil treated with petroleum products…I know, it doesn’t make sense.

Please don't toy with my emotions, you….you…freshwater, you. And don't run out on me again like you did in Central California (and Ecuador, and Northern China, and Sudan, and…and…and…). You know I get limp and wilty without you.

Water, what can I say? I just can’t quit you, baby.