A Letter from Energy to Water: A Love Triangle for the Ages

Water, listen…

Baby, co-dependence is not a bad thing, no matter what your therapist says. You need me to move you around, right? I do that every day just to keep the world from getting thirsty…and unsanitary. You think the wastewater treatment plant can keep you clean without me? Nah, it needs me. You need me.

But baby, here’s the thing: I need you, too! Who else can turn steamy and then spin my turbines to keep me cranking out electricity? And who cools me down afterwards better than you? It’s you and you only, baby.

I know you know I've been hanging out with Food a lot more lately. Food started getting really dependent on me, asking for transportation to go to increasingly far-away destinations, and to be grown year-round – even indoors! I felt like I was getting stretched too thin. And then Food started acting really crazy, wanting to become fuel, too. I'll make things right, though. I promise. How about I start by not withdrawing so much of you, and not overheating you?

I can live just fine without Food, but you, Water…mm-mmm…we're together forever.