Chris Christie's Carbon Footprint: Revenge Traffic is the Worst Traffic

Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” The quote of the day found in an email by a deputy chief of staff in New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s office shows that traffic gridlock can arise out of just about anything, including politics. Traffic congestion, including alleged “revenge traffic,”* causes not only delay, but increased air emissions and reduced fuel economy. In turn, exhaust from heavy traffic can cause asthma, cancer and lead to premature death. 

While you may not be able to do much about traffic jams, you can take charge of your own car and reduce the amount of time your car idles. The nonprofit group Sustainable America launched a campaign called Turn it Off  to help Americans become more aware about the negative effects of idling and pledge to stop the practice. Also, instead of driving yourself and where available take mass transit or car pool and help to reduce traffic or avoid it altogether. 


*Fort Lee’s mayor did not endorse Governor Christie for reelection, so some of the Governor’s staff allegedly backed up traffic on the George Washington Bridge located in Fort Lee, gridlocking the town and causing delays busing children to school.