America: Recycle and Clean Your Fridge!

Caption photo taken by Robin for GRACE

Clean out your fridge and recycle everything you can!

Happy America Recycles Day!

But wait, there’s more! It’s also National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. (Seriously!) In honor of these beloved occasions, we’ve compiled Ecocentric’s Greatest Hits on the subject(s).

Why Being Thoughtful Helps You and Your Family

To sum up our whole list of tips, tricks and impressive facts that follow, sustainability takes planning and preparation! (Sadly, there are no magic wands yet available.) When you plan ahead and prepare you make thoughtful purchases - and there are many benefits to being more thoughtful:

  • You avoid impulse shopping which often leads to buying too much or buying unnecessary items;
  • You can bring reusable shopping bags with you so you don’t have to use plastic bags;
  • You can often avoid buying a lot of smaller containers of frequently used items by stocking up on and properly storing larger quantities;
  • You won’t end up with a pile of clothes (or electronics, toys, housewares, etc) that you never use;
  • You avoid creating food waste; and
  • You minimize how much plastic you use so your contribution to the landfill is significantly reduced.

And you thought this day was just about trash - ha!

Waste Management: The Fun, The Gross, The Heroes

Recycling is Patriotic
November 15 is America Recycles Day. Find fun facts, activities and more about recycling. And make sure you recycle every day.

TRASHED: the Film (a review)
Trashed opens with the dashing Jeremy Irons strolling on a beach beneath a garbage glacier, and goes on to make a dramatic argument that our wasteful culture is burying us. Recycle and reuse so you don’t add to the pile!

Our Hero: Wayne Koeckeritz of Food Waste Disposal
While supervising a recycling and waste disposal program, Wayne Koeckeritz was so bothered by all the food waste destined for the landfill that he quit his job as facility manager of a luxury hotel, bought a used garbage truck and set out to turn food trash into compost treasure. A little America Recycles Day inspiration!

Tracking Trash
Why do we know so much about the supply chain and so little about the removal chain? TrashTrack focuses on how pervasive technologies can expose the challenges of waste management and sustainability.

Could NYC Ban Disposable Bags?
New York City has a plastic bag recycling program; great, but getting city residents to kick their disposable bag habit is going to take a lot more than that. Is it time for the city to start restricting single-use bags?

Why You Should Clean Out Your Fridge

18 Little-Known Facts That Will Motivate You to Cut Back on Food Waste
After years of being treated like chopped liver, food waste is finally getting its due, and rightfully so. It’s a huge environmental and social problem that we need to tackle immediately.

The Environmental Action Everyone Overlooks: Five Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste
In the US, we waste 40 percent of all the food we produce, which squanders valuable natural resources and contributes to global climate change, but it's incredibly easy to reduce your own food waste! Learn how.

Food Date Labels: Consumer Safeguard, or Confusing Waste of Food and Money?
Food date labels don't actually indicate food safety or tell consumers when food will spoil, but the confusing, poorly regulated system does contribute to food waste.

Recycling and Food Waste How-tos!

How to Dress Greener: 5 Reasons to Shop at Thrift Stores
The average American purchases about ten pounds of recycled clothing per year. Here, we offer five reasons why you should consider thrift shopping.

Vermicomposting 101!
Did you know that food scraps, junk mail and paper products make up about 30% of our garbage? Wouldn’t you love an easy and fun way to reduce this garbage, plus recycle natural fibers, paper towels, and more? Voila — vermicomposting!

The GOOD, the Bad and the Wasteful
From jeans to cell phones, iced coffee to takeout lunch, here are ways to waste less.

How to Make a Party Box to Share with Neighbors
If you have a lot of parties (especially kid parties), this kit could help you party more sustainably with durable, reusable contents that can go from party to party.

How to Avoid Food Waste (and Save Money!) Kitchen Edition
Even the most avid cooks are guilty of letting fresh produce languish in the crisper drawer and allowing random excess dry goods to overrun the pantry. Here, some tips on how to make the most out of specific foods.

Smart Cooking Trounces Food Waste: How to Make Mincemeat - or Just Lunch - of Leftovers
Score a knockout in the fight against food waste and become a champion in your own kitchen.

Your Sustainable Kitchen - Planning and Stocking
You know how it goes. You buy healthy items but don't always have time to cook. The one night you can make time, you look in the refrigerator and the pieces don't quite add up to a meal so you order take-out. Here’s how to plan ahead and what to keep stocked to eat healthfully, easily, and avoid food waste.