Doing More With Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers

Just in time for New York City's first snowfall of the season, we are happy to announce that we have released Doing More with Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers. Our new guide provides a user-friendly series of simple tricks that can help consumers save money by saving energy. It offers tips and resources, examines the impact of efficiency efforts and explores opportunities for businesses, manufacturers and other areas outside of the home. Energy efficiency means doing more with less—maintaining (or even exceeding) performance while saving both energy and money and offsetting much of the country’s growing demand for energy.  It is the fastest, cleanest and most economical energy resource available. In addition to explaining the basics of energy efficiency and how to incorporate it into daily life, Doing More with Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers discusses the current state of technologies and resources available for consumers. Main features of the guide include:

  • Nineteen tips to conserve and efficiently use energy around the house and on the road;
  • Six new and emerging technologies that can help save energy; and
  • Eight resources to help you take the next steps in having a more energy efficient home.

We all want hot showers and cold beer, but we do not often consider how much energy goes into creating such comforts in our lives. A more efficient refrigerator will give us the same cold beer while using less energy. A more water efficient showerhead will give us the same hot shower while using less water; less water requires less energy to be heated. By being more efficient, we use less energy throughout our day, requiring fewer resources and less money.

Doing More with Less helps readers to:

  • Find out more about how they use energy; 
  • Become more energy efficient;
  • Learn how they can save money on their utility bills; 
  • Reduce the upfront cost of energy efficient products; and
  • Get an energy audit. 

Opportunities for energy efficiency abound at home. Whether you are ready to upgrade an appliance to an ENERGY STAR rated model or replace conventional light bulbs with their more efficient counterparts, you will enjoy the same level of comfort in your daily life while saving both energy and money. Find out more and download the report at: