10 Signs You Might Be a Nexus Nerd

Our food, water and energy systems and their associated natural resources are the pillars of our society. How well we manage these three systems – in a highly coordinated manner, of course – will determine the long-term sustainability and resilience of our society. Of course, you already know this if you take great interest in the food/water/energy nexus approach, because you’re what we like to call a “nexus nerd.”

Yeah, we know you’re out there, and we know your type.

You see the many interconnections among food, water and energy. To you, today’s environmental-sustainability-resilience discourse is all about a systems approach and a world view.

Here are 10 signs you might be a nexus nerd:

10 ) You frown upon food waste for reasons including the fact that it is a waste of water.

9 ) You know – off the top of your head – how many gallons of water it took to produce a pound of beef.

8 ) When you overhear people praising renewable energy as good for the air and climate, you butt into the conversation to say that it’s also good for water.

7 ) You’ve installed all the energy efficiency products and technologies you can in your home, and maybe even installed solar electric panels on your roof, not just to reduce your carbon footprint but also your water footprint.

6 ) You research the water footprint of products before you buy them off the shelves.

5 ) You buy organic and sustainably produced food because you know they are easier on water and energy resources.

4 ) You know it takes water – a whopping million gallons of it – to frack a single shale gas well.

3 ) You’re a little miffed about the role fracking plays in increasing cost of ice cream.

2 ) You can rattle off at least 12 different ways you can ease the strain on food, water and energy resources.

1 ) You often find yourself asking, “Where the hell is that Energy-Water roadmap report that Sandia Lab was working on?

If you get frustrated when the “Google Nexus smartphone” is the first thing people think of when they hear “the nexus” (okay, maybe that one only applies to us), you might just be a nexus nerd. If you see yourself in this list, we say keep up the good work. Let your nerd flag fly high! Check out our resources at Gracelinks and Ecocentric blog and arm yourself with even more knowledge that you can share with your friends and family. Sustainability and resilience is our future, and achieving it will take a great effort – we will need all the nexus nerds we can find!