Do You Live in One of the Best Solar States?

Given the growing success of solar energy in the US, chances are good that you've at least contemplated going solar. Obviously if you're a renter it's a more complicated proposition, but you do have some options to at least buy solar energy. For homeowners, however, the people at NerdWallet have come up with a handy report to help you decide whether solar is right for you.

The personal finance blog ranked all 50 US states based on four factors:

  • The cost of electricity;
  • Economic incentives available to go solar;
  • How sunny the state is; and
  • The state's current capacity for solar electricity.

The results shine brightly on some of the usual solar all-star states like California, Hawaii and Arizona, which round out the top three. But other states not often mentioned when discussing solar leaders, such as Delaware, Maryland and Florida, also put in a strong showing. Financial incentives are perhaps the key part of a homeowner's decision to install solar panels, so the NerdWallet ranking is a good reminder that some states that have other factors going for them – looking at you, sunny Florida – could become solar superstars if they just get their incentives and policies in better shape.

If you're considering putting some sleek new solar panels on your roof, take a look at NerdWallet's ranking. If you see your state isn’t highly ranked, don’t give up! Solar panels might still be a perfect fit for your roof and your wallet. Check out the excellent DSIRE database of state solar incentives and learn more about your state's net metering policies. You just might find that even if your home state is lacking in a few areas, solar is still a smart and affordable choice.