Hack // Meat Takes Hackathon to Twitter

Hacking Meat is an online conversation we launched with Food + Tech Connect and Applegate to explore the question:

How can information and technology be used to hack* (or reimagine) the future of meat?"

Leading food and technology innovators have been sharing their thoughts in the series, and we've been inviting everyone to join the conversation and share their ideas or requests on Twitterusing #hackmeat. All of this of this communication is building toward our event, Hack//Meat, the first-ever meat hackathon happening December 7- 9 in NYC.

Tuesday, as an extension of the online conversation, foodies, techies, advocates and consumers converged from around the world on Twitter for a #HackMeat TweetUp to explore the future of meat and discuss its connection to our health and our kitchens. During an  hour of conversation hosted by @applegate, @foodtechconnect, @food52 and @eatsustainable, Food 52 founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs stepped up to tackle a wide range of meaty questions and challenges, from where to buy a sustainable holiday roast to how to prepare obscure cuts, like tongue and liver.

Participants had many burning questions about meat, and with this weekend's Hackathon approaching it's exciting to see where our curiosities and needs will take us as we look toward technology for answers. Here's a taste of the kinds of questions we'll be working to answer this weekend:

Katie Bustell @kbustell
@Food52 @Applegate How much daily/weekly meat consumption per person is sustainable?#hackmeat

Grub Club þ@grub_club
#hackmeat discusses ways to improve the #meat industry. Storytelling engages people in the process http://ow.ly/fQnWX. More suggestions?

Isha Datar þ@IshaDatar
The food label challenge at #hackmeat intrigues me. I proposed an envirolabel for meat at TEDxToronto http://bit.ly/S30K2R  @foodtechconnect

Sustainable Table þ@eatsustainable
More questions about labeling? Visit our site to learn more: http://bit.ly/11yed83  #hackmeat

Katie Padowski @katiepadowski
@foodtechconnect @food52 @Applegate What are the big ideas in tech on how to #hackmeat into a more sustainable, economical product?

Reclaimed Fitness @ReclaimedFit
Why is meat from grass-fed animals better for me than beef from conventionally raised, grain-fed animals? #hackmeat http://t.co/fZe4owEx

Katy Jeremko @KatyJeremko
How do you track meat from the farm to the store? Any cool and affordable solutions? #hackmeat

Food52 @food52
What is a cut of meat that you're intimidated to try but are interested in learning how to prepare? #HackMeat"

autumn @autumnmakes
@food52 Q1 I'm a braiser! I am intimidated by the more expensive/nicer cuts. More at stake to screw up. #hackmeat

Danielle Gould þ@dhgisme
How can we use tech to help us cook more & eat less meat, asks @karalearota? Hint it's not in vitro meat http://bit.ly/SvfhG4  #hackmeat

Experts and participants alike stepped up to the plate to answer these questions, offering up recipes, resources, suggestions for sourcingand preparation. Other questions, on subjects like how much meat consumption is sustainable and nose-to-tail consumption, provide valuable crowd-sourced input for those tackling Hackathon innovation challenges this weekend. While the online conversation is a way to identify challenges to be addressed, our live event is a chance for sustainable meat "steakholders" to actually work with entrepreneurs, technologists and farmers and food system experts to develop new solutions to their biggest challenges in the way meat is produced, consumed and communicated.

Can't make it to the main event? No problem! Follow #HackMeat all weekend to see what innovative projects and ideas develop.