All Eyes on California: A Roundup on GMOs and Proposition 37

In just a few days California will vote on Proposition 37, the Right to Know initiative that would require the labeling of all genetically modified foods. Controversy surrounding the measure extends far beyond California, as GMOs remain a contentious topic around the globe, and a yes vote could impact policy across the nation. As of this week, a number of multinational food corporations and industry groups (including Coca-Cola, Pepsi and the "Big Six" agrichemical companies) have spent a whopping $44 million opposing the initiative, dwarfing the pro-labeling contingent which has raised a still impressive $7 million (check out this great pieceby Mark Bittman, which sums up the situation nicely). A September poll showed that 67 percent of California's voters supported the measure, but that was before the food industry began their massive ad campaign, which claims labeling would unnecessarily confuse and frighten consumers. The pro-labeling side focuses on consumers' rights and transparency. Some conventional farmers and genetic engineers have come out in favor of labeling for this reason. More than 50 countries already label GMOs, and next Tuesday we will find out if America joins their ranks or, as Animal Welfare Approved director Andrew Gunther says, remain mushrooms (eating sh*t in the dark). With so much information circling regarding the nature of GMOs, it's important to stay informed and know the facts. Here is a roundup of recent GMO news and resources.