Biggest Rooftop Farm on the Planet? Brooklyn Grange, Revisited

I like when people undertake big bold projects that innovate and inspire.  So naturally, when my friend and former colleague Gwen Schantz decided to build a one-acre farm on the roof of a seven-story office building in an industrial section of New York City, I was pretty excited.  And when she and her partners began construction, I ventured out to Queens to spend a day rolling felt and shoveling growing media on what would become Brooklyn Grange, which is now believed to be the world’s largest rooftop farm (view the slideshow in our archives for an overview of the process).

At the end of the first season, Ecocentric returned to the Grange to take in the view, admire the vegetables and catch up with Gwen.  Check out the interview above to hear her thoughts about roofs, urban ag and plans for the future.