Sustainable agriculture can feed the world without damaging the environment or threatening human health. This section describe what it means to produce food sustainably and how we can transition to a sustainable food future.

Sustainable Livestock

  • Sustainable farms raise healthy animals that benefit the environment and bolster local economies.

Sustainable Crops

  • Learn how sustainable farms grow crops without damaging the environment or human health.

Food & Personal Health

  • You are what you eat! Learn how sustainably produced food benefits your health.

Organic Agriculture

  • What does "organic" actually mean? Find out about the USDA’s National Organic Program, its benefits and shortcomings.

Local Food Systems

  • Robust local and regional food systems are a critical component of a sustainable food future - learn why.

Eat Well GuideĀ®

  • Find farms, stores, restaurants, CSAs and other resources for sustainable food near you and across the country.