The GRACE Water Program is home to the Water Footprint Calculator, which estimates the water you use directly from the tap as well "virtual water" that goes into producing your food, clothing, gadgets and more. The program is a source of tools, tips and information that help make water conservation a daily part of our lives. It also focuses on water use in energy production, agriculture and manufacturing, and on how to improve management of our water resources and systems.

How To Save Water

  • Here are tips to help you shrink your water footprint. The recommendations on this list are just a start in an effort to save more water.

Water Issues

  • Find out more about how water is a part of your daily life through your habits inside and outside of your home, the food you eat, the products you buy and even energy use.

Water Footprint

  • Learn more about water footprints, direct and virtual water use; blue, green and grey water; the hidden water in electricity and everyday products; why water footprints matter; and much more.