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Water Calculators Around the Web

Water use can be direct (i.e. from a tap) or virtual    G (i.e. the water it takes to grow, produce and transport all the goods and services you use and consume every day). This collection of direct and virtual water use calculators can help you understand your water habits and learn ways to conserve and use water more efficiently.

Direct and Virtual Water Footprint Calculators 

National Geographic Water Footprint Calculator -- Take a water tour through your home, yard, diet, energy, and consumer choices! Then, pledge to cut your water footprint and help return more water to rivers, lakes, wetlands, underground aquifers, and freshwater species.

Water Footprint Network Water Footprint Calculator (in metric units) -- Your individual water footprint is equal to the water required to produce the goods and services you consume. Use the extended water footprint calculator to assess your own unique water footprint. The calculations are based on the water requirements per unit of product in your country of residence.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency and the Field Museum Water Calculator -- Home water conservation is easy once you understand how and where you can use less. This quick and easy water calculator shows you which water uses in your home are efficient and which are not and offers simple conservation tips that help you save water and energy. 

Pacific Institute: WECalc, Your Home Water-Energy-Climate Calculator -- Delivering water to your home requires energy, to bring it to your community and to treat it so that it is safe to drink. More energy is used to heat water and, after it's used, to move it and clean it at a wastewater treatment plant. WECalc asks you a series of questions about your home water use habits. Based on your replies, it estimates your water use and provides personalized recommendations for reducing that use. WECalc also estimates your water-related energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Kemira Water Footprint Calculator -- By calculating your water footprint, you can find out how much of the world's water resources are consumed by your way of life. Even though there is still plenty of water in most of the Western countries, many of our daily products contain virtual or hidden water. By measuring your water footprint, you will receive information and useful tips to support making good choices.

Waterprint iPhone app -- Waterprint is a one-of-a-kind iPhone application that calculates how much virtual water there is in your day, including what you wear, eat and drink. This application even includes a Waterprint calculator that quickly and easily tells you how much water it takes to grow a banana, manufacture a t-shirt, or brush your teeth.

Calcula ty Huella Hídrica - Huella hídrica es la suma del agua que usas en tus actividades y el aqua que se usa para fabricar lo que consumes.

Direct Water Use Calculators

Water Use it Wisely: Home Water Audit -- Here's a fun and easy way to see how water-wise you are around your home. Click on a button that describes your water use habits and then click 'Calculate Score' to see how you're doing. It might surprise you just how easy it is to save water -- and money -- around your home.

Southwest Florida Water Management District Water Use Calculator -- This nice looking and easy to use calculator asks you to estimate your usage and pledge to reduce it by 10 percent.

Kohler Save Water America -- Compared to the national average, how much water do you use? Use this water use calculator to get an accurate estimate on how much water you use in your daily life.

Save Our Water Water Use Calculator -- Saving water at home is easy. First, use this simple calculator to find your average annual water use and learn ways to save. Then, talk with the other members of your household about the ways everyone can make water conservation a daily habit.

USGS How Much is Your Daily Water Use? -- How much water do you use when you take a shower? Wash a load of clothes? Flush a toilet? Even brush your teeth? Fill in this form to get a rough estimate of how much water you use inside your home on a typical day.

American Water Works Association Drip Calculator -- Use AWWA's online tool to estimate water waste and learn how much water you could be saving.