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Energy Saving Tips: For Car-Owners

Ease up on the gas. Most cars’ fuel economy starts to dip after you reach 50-55 miles an hour, so avoid the need for speed. Accelerating rapidly and breaking frequently wastes gas, too.

Stay pumped. Under-inflated tires reduce performance and require more gas. Keep them properly inflated to increase your gas mileage.

Plan your trips. Combine your errands into a single outing so you can avoid making multiple round trips. 

Embrace tune-ups. Changing your oil and replacing the oil filter will improve fuel economy, and keeping your car well-tuned will help you save about 10 percent more gasoline.

Quit your idling. If you have to stop somewhere for more than 60 seconds it’s more efficient to turn off the engine rather than letting it idle. 

Lighten your load. Hauling heavy items reduces fuel economy. If you don’t need to take a heavy object with you on a trip, leave it at home.

Use the cruise. Cruise control helps you maintain a constant speed, which usually helps you save gas.

Cool it on sunny days. Park in the shade on sunny days. That will not only help keep your car cooler, but can also help prevent gasoline from evaporating.

It’s electric! Did you make the switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle? If so, make sure you read the car’s manual so you know the model’s unique specifications to save energy. Some cars have an ‘economy mode’ to maximize the car’s efficiency.