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New Efficiency Guide Spans from Tech Innovation to Practical Tips

Doing More with Less first to combine up-to-the-minute money saving tips with a clean-energy future vision


NEW YORK, NY (November 12, 2013 ) – Just in time for autumn’s chill and in the face of growing national concern about energy use, GRACE Communications Foundation has released Doing More with Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers. The first comprehensive compilation to cover both practical money-saving tips and innovative developments focused on reducing energy use, the guide examines the positive impact of efficiency efforts and explores realistic conservation options for inside and outside of the home. 

Americans are concerned about energy: whether fracking, climate change or the Keystone XL pipeline, we’re putting more pressure on energy resources than ever before. Even as the national debate heats up, information on easy-to-implement changes in our everyday lives is rarely accessible, thoroughly researched or current with new developments. This guide closes that gap with up-to-the-minute information and practical applications that anyone can use.   

The main features of Doing More with Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers include:

  • Nineteen tips to conserve and efficiently use energy around the house and on the road;
  • Six new and emerging technologies that can help save energy; and
  • Eight resources to help you take the next steps in having a more energy efficient home.

The guide also illustrates how energy is used throughout our lives, often in ways we take for granted. The good news is that a more efficient refrigerator will give us cold beer while using less energy. A more water efficient showerhead will give us a hot shower but less water requires less energy to be heated. Energy efficiency often comes down to making many small changes throughout our daily lives that together put less strain on resources, and cost less money. 

GRACE’s executive director, Scott Cullen states, “everyone wants modern conveniences but we do not often consider how much energy goes into creating such comforts in our lives. Energy efficiency is the fastest, cleanest and most economical energy resource available and should be a priority.”

Doing More with Less helps readers to:

  • Find out more about how they use energy; 
  • Become more energy efficient;
  • Learn how they can save money on their utility bills; 
  • Reduce the upfront cost of energy efficient products; and
  • Get information on conducting a home energy audit. 

In addition to explaining the basics of energy efficiency and how to incorporate it into daily life, Doing More with Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers evaluates innovative new technologies and resources that make implementing energy efficiency even easier for consumers. 

“Opportunities for energy efficiency abound at home,” notes James Rose, lead author of the guide. “Whether you are ready to upgrade an appliance to an ENERGY STAR rated model or replace conventional light bulbs with their more efficient counterparts, you will enjoy the same level of comfort in your daily life while saving both energy and money.” 

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GRACE Communications Foundation builds partnerships and develops innovative media strategies that increase public awareness of the relationships among food, water and energy systems. By mobilizing philanthropic resources and collaborating with like-minded non-profits and academic institutions, we educate consumers and advocate for policies that:

  • address the environmental and public health effects of industrial food systems
  • support the development of sustainable food distribution networks
  • result in common sense use of water resources for energy and food production
  • provide clean energy alternatives to conventional power systems
  • create and promote prevention techniques individuals and communities can use to improve their health

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