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Water Conservation and Efficiency: Online Resources

Check out the links below to find everything from setting up a water efficient sprinkler system to choosing a water-efficient appliance to conserving water around your house.

Resource Links

Water Use it Wisely: Links and Resources -- Check out this exhaustive list of water conservation and efficiency resources, designed to help you reduce your direct water use.

Water Use it Wisely 100 Ways to Conserve -- There are a number of ways to save, and they all start with you.

Where Your Water Goes -- Wondering how much water the fixtures and appliances around your house use? Find out in this chart from Denver Water.

EPA Start Saving -- Everyone can play their part in preserving our nation's water resources. With the simple steps and informational tools on this site, you'll find that it's easier than ever. Calculate your water savings and take a pledge to save.

Interactive Tools

EPA Surf Your Watershed -- First find your watershed then find citizen-based groups at work in this watershed and get a listing of organizations that are working to protect water quality. You may wish to contact one of these groups to find out about cleanups, monitoring activities, restoration projects and other activities.

Denver Water Irrigation Run Time Scheduler -- Irrigating efficiently is easy, especially with this online tool. Create a zone-by-zone schedule by selecting choices that best describe the characteristics of a specific area (zone) of your landscape. This was created for Denver but could be used throughout the western states.

EPA WaterSense Looking for Water Efficient Products? -- Reduce your water use while enjoying exceptional performance with WaterSense labeled products. Search by category, brand, model name, and/or model number.

Water Quizzes

EPA WaterSense 'Test Your Water Sense' -- Think you know everything there is to know about water? You can't be sure until you Test Your WaterSense!

How Stuff Works Everyday Science: Water Quiz -- Water is quite arguably the most important substance on Earth. Its unique properties make it an incredibly versatile tool. Aside from fueling life, it's useful in cleaning, cooking and transportation, just to name a few things. But how much do you really know about this vital element? From its molecular characteristics to its status as a crucial commodity, we'll put your water knowledge to the test.


National Geographic Climate Change Quiz -- As the Earth's temperature rises, climate extremes like flood and drought become more common. How much freshwater do we have and how much is the changing climate affecting our supply? Find out in this quiz.

Thirstin's Question and Answer Game -- Here are twenty-five questions and answers for kids to test their water knowledge.

Fun Trivia Saving Water - Every Drop Counts -- Australians have lived with drought since their land began; it is a part of their variable climate. As their population increases, so does the need for water and ways to save it. This quiz includes facts about water and how to save water in the home.

Lawn and Garden

Denver Water: Watering Your Lawn -- Lawns are often a household's largest water consumer. By making sure your sprinkler system is running efficiently and only giving your lawn what it needs, you can have a green, healthy lawn while cutting down on your water consumption. Take the time to learn about your sprinkler system, your lawn and your water usage to irrigate efficiently.

City of Ft. Collins: Xeriscaping Instructions -- Xeriscape    Gis not one particular style or look - it's the creation of a healthy, attractive landscape that conserves water. Find inspirational ideas to xeriscape your yard. View landscaping guidelines and a design booklet.

The Watering Index and Water Calculator (for southern California residents only) -- Many people overwater their plants and lawns, but now, figuring out how much water your lawn and garden really need is easy with the Watering Index and Calculator.  Create a customized watering schedule, then use the Watering Index daily, weekly or monthly to adjust your schedule. You could save as much as 1,000 gallons a month by watering your plants only as much as they need.

Appliances and Fixtures

EPA Water Efficient Appliances -- Did you know that there are products that will help save water when the tap is on? WaterSense and ENERGYSTAR®, programs sponsored by EPA, have identified high-performance, water-efficient appliances, fixtures, water systems, and accessories that reduce water use in the home and help preserve the nation's water resources. By saving water, you also save energy.

EPA WaterSense Products -- WaterSense makes it easy to find and select water-efficient products that can help your wallet and the environment. Just look for products bearing the WaterSense Label at your local retailer and check out the link for a discussion of each category of products.

DOE ENERGY STAR Products -- Save energy and fight climate change with ENERGY STAR qualified products. They use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment. By saving energy, you also save water.

EPA WaterSense Rebate Finder -- Many WaterSense partners offer water-saving rebate programs for WaterSense labeled products -- such as water-efficient toilets, showerheads, and faucets -- as well as water conservation services. Search the link to see what money-saving rebates are available in your area.

Water Widgets

GreenPlumbers Water and Energy Saving Widgets -- GreenPlumbers has created a widget that will deliver water and energy tips that are geographically targeted to visitors on your website or blog. They have a photo gallery of slides and conservation tips that is updated on a monthly basis so that visitors will be well-informed on sustainable living. Also check out their World Plumbing Day widget, which has more water and energy tips.

Water Use it Wisely Water Conservation Tip Widget -- Add this convenient reminder about the importance of saving water each day to your website --it's easy, and free. The widget will display a new tip every day so site visitors can keep up with ways to save water.

EPA WaterSense Widget -- Bring a splash of water savings know-how to your website with the WaterSense widget, an epa.gov application that displays water efficiency content directly on your webpage and provides a link to the WaterSense website.