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Our Support for ’Last Call at the Oasis’

Last Call at the Oasis is a powerful documentary produced by Participant Media that shatters the myths behind our most precious resource – water. The film highlights our dependence on water, exposes the largely ignored challenges we face in protecting it and features several communities struggling with water pollution and water supply problems. Also highlighted are individuals championing revolutionary solutions to overcome the global water crisis — the central issue facing our world this century. We can manage this problem but only if we are willing to act now. TAKE ACTION and make a pledge to the Change the Course campaign

For every pledge you make to minimize your water footprint, Change the Course will give 1,000 gallons of water to the Colorado River — an incredibly important freshwater resource relied upon by 30 million people for drinking and irrigation in the American Southwest and northern Mexico. Change the Course wants everyone to recognize that it benefits all of us, our community and our ecosystem when we reduce our water footprint by being conscious of what we buy and consume everyday.

One pledge = 1,000 gallons.

Change the Course is an alliance between Participant Media, National Geographic and the Bonneville Environmental Federation (BEF).

About Our Support

The GRACE Water Program is an official ally of the Last Call at the Oasis action campaign and supports its companion Change the Course campaign.