For more detailed information on several energy trends and topics, download our reports listed below.
Know the Nexus
  • In Know the Nexus, learn about food, water and energy and how the systems that help bring fresh food and energy as well as clean, abundant water to you, are intertwined.
Freeing the Grid
  • Freeing the Grid is a policy guide that grades all 50 states on two key renewable energy programs: net metering and interconnection procedures.
New York Report
  • Reeling in New York's Power Plants looks at how outdated power plant cooling water systems can destroy 17 billion fish and other aquatic organisms in New York every year.
The Rush To Ethanol
  • The Rush to Ethanol examines how corn-based ethanol, the most prominent biofuel in the United States, is not the solution to meeting all of our fueling needs.
Red Tape Out of Green Power
  • Taking the Red Tape Out of Green Power explains how in the US, the greatest barriers to the expanded use of small-scale renewable energy stem from financial, political and social hurdles.
Red Tape Out of Green Power
  • Read the summary of our Taking the Red Tape Out of Green Power report.