energy Program

About the Energy Program

Formerly the Network for New Energy Choices, the GRACE Energy Program was created to promote environmentally responsible energy technologies through educational materials, timely updates and other web-based content. Past projects include several editions of Freeing the Grid, the award-winning report on net metering, a report that took a critical look at biofuels and an analysis of local permitting obstacles to renewable power.

The Energy Program continues to highlight the ways in which the nation’s energy system can shift toward a cleaner future and focuses on the role that consumers can play to help power the country in balance with sustainable food and water systems.

Energy Program projects include:

Doing More With Less: Energy Efficiency for Consumers – This guide provides actions and resources available to help consumers save money by saving energy. It also offers tips and examines the impact of efficiency efforts and explores opportunities for businesses, manufacturers and other areas outside of the home.

Power Plants Kill Fish – Electric power plants - both nuclear and fossil-fueled - with antiquated "once-through” cooling systems withdraw massive amounts of water from rivers, lakes and estuaries to cool the steam used to create electricity. In the process, they can kill and injure an enormous number of fish and other aquatic life.

Freeing the Grid – How easy (or hard) does your state make it to connect your renewable energy system to the grid? Now in its online incarnation, Freeing the Grid takes the guesswork out of designing effective net metering and interconnection policies. Good net metering rules and interconnection policies effectively smooth the road that transitions the US from dependence on centralized, dirty power generation to a cleaner energy future.

Ecocentric – GRACE’s blog covers food, water and energy issues. Energy Program staff members regularly contribute articles, interviews, news briefs, photos and videos to keep consumers informed about the latest developments in food and agriculture.