Renewable energy and energy efficiency play a vital role in making our food, water and energy systems more sustainable, as well as reducing the strain between the three. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are essential for managing water resources and food production in a more socially and environmentally-responsible way. Consumers are playing an important role by increasingly exercising more involvement in energy decisions as illustrated by the growing number of distributed renewable generation systems and energy efficiency improvements at homes and businesses.
Freeing the Grid
  • Freeing the Grid is a policy guide that grades all 50 states on two key renewable energy programs: net metering and interconnection.
Red Tape and Green Power
  • This report provides seven sets of recommendations for overcoming hurdles to widespread deployment of distributed renewable energy.
Energy Efficiency
  • Energy efficiency means doing more with less, so we maintain--or exceed--performance while saving both energy and money.
Energy and Water
  • It takes a significant amount of water to create energy, and it takes a significant amount of energy to treat and move water.
Energy and Agriculture
  • As a result of the industrialization and consolidation of agriculture, food production has become increasingly dependent on energy derived from fossil fuels.
Food/Water/Energy Nexus
  • Food, water and energy - it may not seem like they're connected but systems that help bring fresh food and energy as well as clean, abundant water to you, are intertwined.
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