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Grilled Spinach and Red Pepper with Blue Cheese

Contributed by Jayni Carey, Jayni’s Kitchen  

2 bunches spinach (large, mature leaves)
1 med sweet red pepper, halved, seeds and pith removed
extra-virgin olive oil
salt & black pepper
rice vinegar
2 to 3 oz blue cheese, crumbled

Rinse the spinach, leaving the stems intact. Drain the spinach well, but leave some moisture on the leaves. Divide the spinach leaves into 4 equal bunches and tie the stems together tightly with string. Brush the spinach and the red pepper halves with olive oil.

Grill the spinach over medium-high heat on a covered gas or charcoal grill, until tender and wilted, about 1 minute each side. Grill the peppers over medium-high heat for 2 to 3 minutes each side.

To serve, place the spinach bunches on four large salad plates and remove the strings. Trim then stems if desired. Slice each pepper half into thin strips. Garnish the spinach with the pepper strips. Sprinkle each with salt, pepper and rice vinegar. Top with crumbled blue cheese.